to live and think like pigs

to live and think like pigs the incitement of envy and boredom in market democracies
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gilles châtelet

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gilles châtelet (1944-1999) began his studies at the école normale supérieure de fontenay-saint-cloud. during the late 1960s he was a member of an anti-stalinist student faction of the french communist party. after 1968, a stay at uc berkeley brought him into contact with key protagonists of the beat generation. he returned to france and joined the front homosexuel d’action révolutionnaire (fhar), and befriended roland barthes, daniel guérin and guy hocquenghem. meeting michel foucault was an important marker in the development of his political thinking; as was his friendship with félix guattari and gilles deleuze, who played a decisive role in renewing his passion for philosophy. he obtained his phd in pure mathematics from the university of paris xi in 1975, writing his thesis on differential topology. in 1979 he became professor of mathematics at the university of paris viii. around this time he established a dialogue with rené thom that continued until his death. he was programme director at the collège international de philosophie from 1989 to 1995, during which period he published the important work les enjeux du mobile: mathématique, physique, philosophie. in 1994 he joined the laboratoire disciplinaire pensée des sciences, founded by charles alunni at the école normale supérieure in paris. there, he had an active and influential role in the seminar, ‘actuality, potentiality and virtuality’. isbn: 978-0-9832169-6-4 press: sequence press links sequence press share
to live and think like pigs
to live and think like pigs 1

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