the number and the siren

the number and the siren textbook by

quentin meillassoux

306 pages, paperback, 115x175mm, eur 26.00 incl. eur 1.70 vat
a meticulous literary study, a detective story à la edgar allan poe, a treasure hunt worthy of an adventure novel – such are the registers in which will be deciphered the hidden secrets of a poem like no other. quentin meillassoux continues his innovative philosophical interrogation of the concepts of chance, contingency, infinity and eternity through a concentrated study of stéphane mallarmé’s poem un coup de dés jamais n’abolira le hasard, patiently deciphering its enigmatic meaning on the basis of a dazzlingly simple and lucid insight with regard to ‘the unique number that cannot be another’.

the coup de dés constitutes perhaps the most radical break in the history of modern poetry: the fractured lines spanning the double page; the typographical play borrowed from the poster form; the multiple interpolations disrupting reading. but the intrigue of this poem is still stranger and has always resisted full elucidation. we encounter a shipwreck, and a master, himself almost submerged, who clasps in his hand the dice that, confronted by the furious waves, he hesitates to throw. the hero expects this throw, if it takes place, to be extraordinarily important: a number said to be ‘unique’ and which ‘cannot be any other’.

translated by robin mackay
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the number and the siren
the number and the siren 1

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