from decision to heresy

from decision to heresy textbook by

françois laruelle

paperback, 115x175mm, eur 30.00 incl. eur 1.96 vat
translated by taylor adkins, ray brassier, christopher eby and anthony paul smith

the question ‘what is non-philosophy?’ must be replaced by the question about what it can and cannot do. to ask what it can do is already to acknowledge that its capacities are not unlimited. this question is partly spinozist: no-one knows what a body can do. it is partly kantian: circumscribe philosophy’s illusory power, the power of reason or the faculties, and do not extend its sufficiency by way of another philosophy. it is also partly marxist: how much of philosophy can be transformed through practice, how much of it can be withdrawn from its ‘ideological’ use? and finally, it is also partly wittgensteinian: how can one limit philosophical language through its proper use?
this volume provides a collection of english translations of the writings of françois laruelle, one of the most creative and subversive, yet least well-known french philosophers working today.
isbn: 978-0-9832169-0-2 published by robin mackay press: sequence press share
 from decision to heresy

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