collapse volume ii

collapse volume ii speculative realism collapse volume ii
330 pages, paperback, 107x175mm, 2012 eur 24.00 incl. eur 1.57 vat
against the tide of institutional balkanisation and specialisation, this volume testifies to a defiant reanimation of the most radical philosophical problematics - the status of the scientific object, metaphysics and its "end", the prospects for a revival of speculative realism, the possibility of phenomenology, transcendence and the divine, the nature of causation, the necessity of contingency - both through a fresh reappropriation of the philosophical tradition and through an openness to its outside. the breadth of philosophical thought in this volume is matched by the surprising and revealing thematic connections that emerge between the philosophers and scientists who have contributed.

robin mackay - editorial introduction
ray brassier - the enigma of realism
quentin meillassoux - potentiality and virtuality
roberto trotta - dark matter: facing the arche-fossil (interview)
graham harman - on vicarious causation
paul churchland - demons get out! (interview)
clémentine duzer & laura gozlan - nevertheless empire
reza negarestani - islamic exotericism: apocalypse in the wake of refractory impossibility
kristen alvanson - elysian space in the middle east
isbn: 978-0-9567750-4-7 published by robin mackay, damian veal press: sequence press links sequence press share
 collapse volume ii
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